Welcome to the Resource Pages for the currently running Firelord Test Games over on HCRealms, called, appropriately I think, "A Call to Arms." Basically, I threw these pages together to provide the players in those test games with quick, easy access to all the maps that I have, and to serve as a standard reference for map orientation and lettering/numbering. If we're all on the same page, I hope there will be fewer snags.

Just click on the appropriate link below to get to a larger version of that map. You can download the maps right from their individual pages by simply right clicking on the image, and choosing "Save Picture As." Hope this helps avoid at least some confusion for the remainder of the test games.

If there are any other resources you players think would be helpful on these pages, please let me know. I'll do what I can to provide them.



Marvel Starter Outdoors - Map 1 - Crossroads

 Marvel Starter Indoors - Map 2 - Mall

 Marvel Premiere Set Outdoors - Map 3 - Park

Marvel Premiere Set Indoors - Map 4 - Warehouse

DC Starter Outdoors - Map B - Truck Stop

DC Starter Indoors - Map A - Offices

DC Premiere Set Outdoors - Map D

DC Premiere Set Indoors - Map C - Museum

Not Yet Available

Outdoor Adventure Pack - Map 1

Indoor Adventure Pack - Map 1 - Factory

Outdoor Adventure Pack - Map 2 - Construction Site

Indoor Adventure Pack - Map 2 - Mansion


Additional Resources

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