There have been a number of challenges with the Irony dice server, most of which revolve around the fact that the default settings are kind of weird. How many times, so far, have you sent in a roll, only to notice afterwards that you forgot to change to the proper settings? Ever accidentally clicked on the wrong number for number of dice, or number of rolls? Or, how about forgetting to unclick the "Drop Lowest Roll" radio button?

Well, one of our players has seen fit to provide us with a quick, easy way to fix that particular problem. NateTG wrote the code for this page, which basically makes it almost impossible to screw up the settings. Imagine! No more screwy results!

I've tried this baby out, and it's SO much better than using Irony's interface that I'll never do it any other way again. It still submits the roll to Irony, and you still get the results from them, just as before. You just never have to worry about forgetting to adjust the settings correctly. Just click the number of dice, fill in 3 simple fields, and voila! You get the same results without the inconvenience of using Irony's set-up!

Thanks, NateTG! This is GREAT!

- Chris

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